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From SEO to marketing to services and website creation, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If one of your questions is not answered below please send us an email at info@zekeseo.com or send us a message in our live chat.


Search engine optimization, often referred to as SEO, is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of organic traffic to a website domain or webpage. Companies with better online visibility and traffic are more likely to garner attention and attract prospective customers. 

SEO is vital to the success of every online business. Search engine experts estimate that almost half of business is conducted online, and this number is only projected to increase in the coming years. Without SEO, your business misses out on millions of potential online customers. Increasing visibility and rankings in online searches can directly impact a company’s bottom line by driving sales and advertisement revenue.

Search engines source and sort through billions of webpages to deliver information to search engine users. To do so, search engines rely on three specific processes: crawling, indexing, and delivering search engine results. You can learn more about exactly how search engines work in our blog. 

When working with ZEKE SEO, you have access to biweekly comprehensive SEO reports where we walk you through exactly how your site is performing and our next steps to improve every area of your business. We believe no other agency rivals the detail and success rate of our SEO services. 

While we do guarantee to execute and follow the very best SEO practices and guidelines, we cannot guarantee results. As with any marketing or other investment, results are not guaranteed. 

Paid Advertising

We have extensive experience with setting up, running, and optimizing all types of Google ads. Our advertising services include Google text, image, app promotion, and video ads. 

We design, implement, and manage all types of Facebook ads for your business including image ads, video ads, poll ads, slideshow ads, lead ads, and carousel ads.  

Our social media experts run all variations of Instagram ads for your business. In addition, we draft, edit, and monitor captivating posts and stories for your Instagram account. If your business does not yet have an Instagram account, we can also build one for you from the ground up. 

Each of our clients funds their own advertising campaigns. Before advertising campaigns begin, we will work with you to establish an advertising budget and keep you informed on how the funds are allocated.


We offer a variety of SEO services including SEO, website design, content writing, social media and PPC marketing, and more. You can find more information about our comprehensive SEO services on our services page. 

The price of our SEO plans vary depending on the extent of services you require. Here at ZEKE SEO, we draft a unique SEO strategy for each of our clients. After you reach out to us, we will send you a detailed proposal that contains the services we provide as well as the price. 

Yes! We have extensive experience working with all aspects of shopify sites including site maintenance and design, content creation, and advertising. We also have experience building shopify sites from the ground up. 

When working with Zeke SEO, you have the full support and attention of our seasoned SEO experts. Our team consists of social media marketers, content writers, graphic designers, and programmers.

Yes, we have an exexcellent relationship with all of our clients and they would be happy to testify to that!

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